White-water rafting – a real gas!

Riding “the Boxcar”

This past weekend, I indulged in a get-away activity I’ve been looking forward to for months. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I signed up for the “all-day” option on the gorgeous Deschutes River in north central Oregon. The river was enchanting, with quiet stretches where bird calls were the predominant music along with the quiet gurgling of the water along the shore. At one point we spotted an Osprey nest with three youngun’s waiting for parental returns with food. Then came the sound of impending rapids as we approached just before we shot through the white water to shouts of laughter and occasional yelps of surprise when we were drenched with the bracing river water.

Should you have an opportunity to raft the beautiful Deschutes River, go for it! I know I’ll sign up again!