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by Helen Stathakopoulos
FRIENDS FOREVER - I am amazed!

I am amazed !!! I finished reading this book in less than two days , loved the characters , I must say that I am waiting for part two of this book. I want to find out who was responsible for the fire , and Yancy’s return !!! The only part which took me by surprise and was a little sudden is one minute Chris is talking about the fire and then suddenly the reference to the letter stuffed in his pocket which shows the exposure of a pregnancy. At this point I thought that this letter could have been linked with the fire.My imagination is flying !!! I enjoyed it !!

by Amazon Reviewer

I am really enjoying reading The Lambert’s of Pacific Knoll series. This is the third book in the series and they just keep getting better.This is about Chris and Teddy and the obstacles they had to overcome to realize that sometimes the person that you love has been there all the time.

by Pamela Barrett
ONLY YOU - Working through miscommunications

In book two of The Lamberts of Pacific Knoll we meet Debra Lambert, a high school counselor, who has it all together except when it comes to choosing the right man. She’s had one disastrous marriage, and there is something off about the professor she is currently dating. Then when Debra finds one of his students trying to commit suicide, she starts questioning how well she really knows this professor.

Added to her confusion is Todd Prescott, a lawyer in her brother Fletcher's law firm. Todd has feelings for Debra, but she thinks he is overly protective of her, like her brother is, and she wants to prove she can take care of herself. But can she?

I liked this continued story line about the Lambert family and getting to know each one a little better. In book one, “Chance Encounter,” I was introduced to Fletcher, Lexi and her little boy Chance; and in book two there is a continuation of their story. Also there is some mystery, and some action, but mostly it is Debra and Todd working through their miscommunications and trying to understand if their feelings can be trusted.

I’m starting book 3 and can’t wait to learn more about another sibling in the Lambert family. One warning is that there is some sexual content in this Contemporary Fiction novel.

by Theresa Ataskar
CHANCE ENCOUNTER - Loved this story!

I loved this story!!Fletcher Lambert had lost his wife and baby daughter in a car accident. For over a year he has been grieving their loss. His partner in their law firm forces him to take a vacation and work through his grief and come back ready to get back to work.He decides to take a couple months off and start his vacation fishing.He meets Lexi in the small fishing town and his life would never be the same again. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens!!

by Amazon customer
CHANCE ENCOUNTER - Spunk comes in many styles and colors

Well for starters, the characters are interesting and memorable. I can’t wait to read more of their adventures.

Some of what I particularly enjoyed was the good blend of ‘boostrapping’ by the heroine Alexis and the prickly independent stubbornness that allowed her to achieve well. Such a combination made for really interesting interactions with potential love interests (like Fletcher Lambert) and 'take ya in' new family (like Daisy and Omar). In the unfolding of the story, Lexi came face-to-face with people who caused her to question her own value. How she handles those situations poses a lesson-in-the-making for most of us. Vale’s crafting of characters offer a new insight into how we can put past abuse behind us and move into a healthy, functioning life. As Lexi confronts an accuser and challenges the attitude and the erroneous conclusion, she takes a major step upward toward her own self-worth. Love, courage, perseverance, and creativity all come together nicely to craft a memorable read with equally memorable characters.

It is particularly charming that the child is Chance.

thank you, Kate Vale. I can't wait to read more.

by Tina Marie
SAFE BESIDE YOU -- Very Engaging

I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Brian and Carrie meet and become close after their shuttle crashes. She's engaged and he's been burned by 'taken' women before. Many events occur some are not pretty, including abuse. The story was very engaging and I read it straight through.

by Jan Barger
ONLY YOU - Well-developed characters

This is the second in the Lamberts of Pacific Knoll series. While it follows closely on the heels of the first book, Chance Encounter which is the story of Fletcher Lambert, the oldest son, and Lexi, they do not have to be read in sequence as each book stands on its own. Only You is the story of the Lamberts second daughter, Debra, a divorced high school counselor – who is, as the story progresses, more than a little headstrong and stubborn – but with a penchant for picking the wrong men with whom to have a relationship. Did she choose professor Sawyer Quinlan because SHE really was attracted to him, or because members of her family thought he was a great catch? And then what happens when a new attorney, Todd Prescott, a colleague of Fletcher’s arrives on the scene?

Ms. Vale has a knack for developing her characters such that I found myself periodically mentally yelling – “REALLY? Debra, don’t be an idiot!” Truly the mark of a good writer! And what has Spencer really been up to all this time? What does he want from Debra?

While I am not a huge fan of romance novels particularly – leaning more to mystery, thriller, and spy vs spy, Only You definitely kept my interest and kept me reading!! Looking forward to the third in the series....

by Michelle Stagg
Destiny's Second Chance - My favorite of 2018

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Bella. She is a strong woman and she knows what shes doing. I would say that this is my favorite book of 2018 so far. I recommend it!

by Pamela Barrett
CHANCE ENCOUNTER - Healing and Trust

In book one of The Lamberts of Pacific Knoll; author Kate Vale introduces us to Fletcher Lambert who is grieving the death of his wife and child. For most of a year since their deaths he has hidden away in his law firm, and has even shied away from spending time with his family. He just can’t move on, so he decides to take time away from so many memories by going to a quiet beach town on the coast of Washington.Lexi McCord and her little son Chance are living a hidden life in the small beach town that Fletcher is going to for a rest. When Fletcher meets Chance his heart begins to open up again, and then when he meets Lexi and finds out she is hiding from an abusive ex, his heart is touched again and he wants to protect her: as a lawyer or maybe more. To become friends they both must learn to trust each other.I’ve read 3 books by Kate Vale and loved each one. Her writing keeps you wanting to read one more chapter and her characters are relatible. Great contemporary fiction that I can give 4+ stars with only a little warning for some adult situations. I hear there is more of this series on the way.

by Helen Karanos
Chance Encounter - A courageous little boy

Fabulous book , well written and all the characters were perfect , felt the sadness and the happiness in Lexi and Fletcher's story , and last but not least I couldn't get enough of Chance showing us all how courageous he is of supporting his mother and his love for her.

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