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by Raney Jordan
CROSSING PATHS - Real-life women and hopeful endings

Two lovers reunited after decades apart, after they were tragically separated, find they can’t pick up where they left off, but love is always worth fighting for.Kate Vale fans will be pleased with her latest book in the Geneva Shores romantic fiction series that takes place in the Pacific Northwest. It features soon-to-be divorced Trish who is overjoyed to be reunited with Denis, the father of her grown son, after a boating accident decades earlier tore them apart. But trying to renew their relationship is made complicated by the great distance between them as well as her pending divorce with Richard. She is also intent on maintaining good relationships both with her son, Chet, and her stepson with Richard, Ed.To make things harder for Trish, Richard does not want the divorce and he is willing to go to great lengths to stop it from happening. Meanwhile, Trish and Denis are falling deeper and deeper into love. Trish is a character who many will relate to as she struggles to dig her way out of a mess that leaves her vulnerable. Though her relationships are not always easy, she is a kind-hearted individual who fights to keep her family together as much as she can.Richard’s son Ed, who helps run Richard’s real estate business, starts learning that Richard does not always close deals by the book. And Ed is already unable to connect with his father as he is afraid to reveal a detail about himself that may destroy their relationship. Trish and Denis struggle to make it as complicated family relationships and meddling from Richard threaten to undermine their newly rekindled love.“Crossing Paths” is a novel about the struggles of real and difficult connections that are glorified and demonized and reflects the conflicts and rapport of myriad relationships, romantic, familial and otherwise. Kate Vale excels at writing classic romance novels. Readers who are wanting steamy sex scenes or action/adventure tales should look elsewhere. Vale delivers real-life scenarios and characters that real-life women can identify with and then supplies the hopeful endings that avid romance readers desire. Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy.

by Colleen Bergman
WHERE THIS GOES - Hoping for a sequel

I read Where This Goes by Kate Vale. I loved it. Kate brings her characters to life. Its hard to put the book down; as you want to see whats next. And with the ending as it is, I hope to see a sequel!

by Amazon reviewer
WHERE THIS GOES - Houses and happiness--be open to possibilities

This was one fun read. Where this Goes took me into the world of corporate mergers and family dynamics with unexpected connections and friendships. Set in a Seattle suburb and in a vibrant housing market, Nicole Vance enters an adventure she never anticipated. The twists and turns kept me wondering what would happen next and I found the journey satisfying.What I most appreciated was the contrast in attitude and manner of the male characters, showing lots of nurturing (even through gruffness) and deep commitment to friendship with female coworkers. Experiencing the strength of the workplace community was an added bonus to this novel.A lovely subplot was how that community supports people through unexpected changes. Get a little insight into the world of real estate and the challenges of being effective in an increasingly competitive market as life unfolds and the challenge is to choose it!

by Pamela Barrett
WHERE THIS GOES - Great Weekend Read

When realtor Nicole Vance meets Peter Dalton the chemistry between them crackles; they could have a spectacular relationship. They are both single and successful. Things look promising except for a few road blocks: first of all Nicole’s mother is losing her mind and her ability to live alone, and then the fact that in a moment of weakness Nicole slept with a man and she is now having morning sickness. Another problem is that Peter is representing the company who wants to take over her business; other then that you’ll have to read her novel to see Where This Goes.I really like the way Kate Vale writes contemporary fiction, her characters are real, and the issues they face are heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. Personally I think there are a lot of woman who will love Peter Dalton. This is a good weekend read. I’m giving a little warning about sexual talk, and adult themes. 4 stars

by Myra Espino
WHERE THIS GOES - Love the characters

Loved it! Just like what Ms. Kate did on Destiny's Second Chance, this book is amazing! I was easily pulled in the story. I love the characters and the story of this book. The book started ok but as the story goes, it keeps getting better and better. The characters, Nicole and Peter are easy to relate with and get attached to. Nicole, a determined, independent and successful woman. She's also strong - one of her characteristics that I also love about her.Peter, I kind of not like him at first because of his motive but as the story goes, I started to fall in love with him. He has these characteristics that I did not expect him to possess. Anyway, the story is good. I love how Ms. Kate brought Nicole's story interesting.

by Lorraine Dusky
DESTINY'S SECOND CHANCE - A sweet read that stays with you

I come to this book as a woman who relinquished a daughter for adoption, and it was refreshing to read a story about a woman who has risen above the sad teenager she was when she relinquished a child to adoption, and goes on to have a full, rich life. At the same time she is going about her life and finding a new love, she also wrestles with the emotions and fears of reuniting with her 21-year-old daughter. We also learn a bit about the complications and problems of adoptee's reunion with her natural mother, and the fears of the adoptive mother, through the point of view of the young woman.While the book is titled for the relinquished individual, it is just as much a story about the mother who is portrayed sensitively by an author, Kate Vale, whose own mother was relinquished and later adopted. Destiny's Second Chance would be an excellent book for young women in reading groups, and the author includes helpful questions at the back to encourage discussion.A sweet read you will remember long after.

by Helen Karananos
WHERE THIS GOES - So many similarities to daily issues

Firstly I found this book up to date with issues that concern everyone , AA meetings , not many people admit having problems whatsoever dealing with them, elderly issues either with alcoholism and daily care . The major issue which concerns women ( pregnancy , maternity leave , co-workers and economic issues , relationships too)I believe it was an excellent in the way Kate described all the characters , explained their relationships and characters , it all remained simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed the relationships which were formed. I felt the love , compassion , understanding and a lot of stress , which was expressed effectively.I found the book enlightening cause I found many similarities and daily issues which concern both men and women. Every detail was well written and well organized.I enjoyed reading this book and I really hope there is a Book 2 !!!

by Jan Barger
WHERE THIS GOES - Real life characters

Kate Vale writes the sort of books with whom women can identify. Her characters are drawn from real life and given a depth not often seen in romance books.Where This Goes pits Nicole Vance, who has built her independent realty company into the biggest of the independents against Peter Dalton who is intent on purchasing the company for a large conglomerate.Complicating Nicole’s life are issues with her family – particularly her mother – and a case of the “flu” that doesn’t go away. Peter is handsome, nice, and very persistent.Can Nicole stand firm and keep her company intact?

by Kasey Potzler
SECRETS REVEALED - How words can hurt

Definitely a page turner! This story is a strong reminder of how words and actions can so deeply wound children for life. Had it not been for her own resiliency Faith Russell's parents set her up to be miserable. Owen Haskin's father and mother-in-law impact his life negatively and later Zara brings horrors upon Owen's precious son Ian. Maybe because their past lives have been so difficult you hope from early on that Faith & Owen will find love together, and perhaps Ian is their greatest matchmaker.

by Kasey Potzler
WHERE THIS GOES - Successful businesswoman with room for love

Once again Kate Vale brings us characters who seem so real. Nicole Vance has a very successful real estate brokerage and knows how to get what she wants in life. Peter Dalton succeeds at his work of encouraging realtors from businesses like Nicole’s Vance Realty to move to Realty World, the national franchise. He’s also kind, interested in Nicole for purely personal reasons, and not at all put out that she is pregnant with someone else’s child. The tyrant, Isadore Thornhill, a sexist bully who owns Realty World, reminds readers of the bad side of life.The story certainly is a romance, but as with most of Vale’s books, it explores issues in thoughtful ways. In Where This Goes those issues are alcoholism, unplanned pregnancy, sexism, and dealing with older parents.

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