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Kate Vale
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 by Jan Barger
FRIENDS FOREVER - what a great read!

What a great read! Kate Vale has hit the nail on the head with this third in the Lamberts of Pacific Knoll series. This book features Chris Lambert, carpenter par excellence, owner of a construction company, and his best friend, Teddy, the only woman on his construction crew who specializes in stained glass pieces. The characters are well drawn – there is a real sense of getting to know them. Both are strong willed which always makes for some good conflict. It was especially fun to read some of the details of building a house since while I was reading the book, there was a house going up right next door to me....

Each Lambert book stands alone, but it is a bit more fun to read them in order of publication.

 by Linda Freeman
Heartstrings - Powerful!

This is one of the best books I have read in years. Excellent character development, strong story line, everything excelled. This author has captured my attention. The writing and story telling skills were amazing.

 by Kathy Church
ONLY YOU - Absorbing

The second book in The Lamberts of the Pacific Knoll is really good. I enjoyed reading Debra and Todd's story. It is so easy to become absorbed in this story and you begin to feel as if you are a part of the family. I am looking forward to the next book.

 by Pamela Barrett
FRIENDS FOREVER - Relatible characters

In the 3rd book of The Lamberts of Pacific Knoll, we get to know Chris Lambert another one of their sons. He is more of the black sheep of the family, foregoing college to follow his passion for building houses and refurbishing furniture. He is also passionate about women—without the commitment gene that two of his older siblings have. He is more of a one-night stand man.

The only constant woman in his life is Teddy and she has known him since they were kids. Chris is tall, dark and handsome and from a prominent family, and Teddy is taller, a beautiful red-head and a tomboy artist from the wrong side of the tracks. Teddy works construction jobs with Chris and does her art on the side.

Just as their businesses are taking off, a series of upsetting events derail their efforts, and they both have to stop and reevaluate where there business and friendship begins and ends. Kate Vale’s characters are relatible, slightly flawed, and have real problems. This can be a stand alone book, but I’ve enjoyed reading the series.

Forever Friends is another 4 star contemporary novel that I can recommend to YA and adult readers.

 by Theresa Ataskar
ONLY YOU - Quiet loving woman

This is the story of a young woman who's been hurt by the men in her life. Deb Lambert is that woman. She seems to me to be a quiet, loving woman who deserves to find love in a man like Todd.

I loved their story and also loved to hear that Fletcher and Lexie were able to tie the knot and provide a good Father figure for Chance.

Looking forward to reading more about the Lambert Family!

 by Chanticleer Book Reviews
SECRETS REVEALED - Romance from a child's POV

Owen Haskins is returning to his childhood home on fictional Cedar Island (which has an uncanny resemblance to Whidbey Island for those readers in the know) with his seven-year-old son Ian so they can have a new start. Ian has had trouble being bullied in his old school, and Owen is worried that new teacher, Faith Russell, may not be up to the job of helping his vulnerable son. Of course, Faith and Owen clash, while simultaneously being attracted to each other, but painful experiences in their past initially keep them from acting on their growing feelings for one another.

Secrets Revealed by Kate Vale is the 4th book in her Cedar Island Tales series, and it is not necessary to read the previous tales to jump right into this heartwarming romance. Each of the main characters has their own secret that affects their relationship. Faith is an accomplished teacher but is distrustful of men. She dresses in clothes that used to fit but now are worn and oversized, almost as a shield to keep people at bay, something her mother (who shares the other side of a duplex with her) constantly harps about.

Owen left his hometown due to a very difficult relationship with his abusive father. He didn’t return until after his mother’s death—something he regrets.

Ian is withdrawn, possibly from the bullying he endured at his old school, but he has a secret as well, one that goes back to the tragedies of losing both his mother and grandmother in Idaho while still a young boy.

As Owen and Faith interact, they can’t ignore the attraction between them, and they begin a sensual relationship but agree not to become “serious.” Faith can’t help but fall in love with Owen, but their relationship is complicated by misunderstandings and young Ian’s desire to have Miss Russell become his new mom. These secrets have a lot of sway over the lives of those keeping them, and the story is a good reminder of the power of secrets and words in our lives.

A nice twist in the romance genre, Vale tells her story from not just the point-of-view of the two romantic leads, but also from the viewpoint of young Ian, a character whom readers will care about from the very beginning of the novel.

Secrets Revealed won First Place in the 2016 Mystery & Mayhem Awards for Kate Vale.

 by Helen Stathakopoulos
FRIENDS FOREVER - I am amazed!

I am amazed !!! I finished reading this book in less than two days , loved the characters , I must say that I am waiting for part two of this book. I want to find out who was responsible for the fire , and Yancy’s return !!! The only part which took me by surprise and was a little sudden is one minute Chris is talking about the fire and then suddenly the reference to the letter stuffed in his pocket which shows the exposure of a pregnancy. At this point I thought that this letter could have been linked with the fire.

My imagination is flying !!! I enjoyed it !!

 by Amazon Reviewer

I am really enjoying reading The Lambert’s of Pacific Knoll series. This is the third book in the series and they just keep getting better.

This is about Chris and Teddy and the obstacles they had to overcome to realize that sometimes the person that you love has been there all the time.

 by Pamela Barrett
ONLY YOU - Working through miscommunications

In book two of The Lamberts of Pacific Knoll we meet Debra Lambert, a high school counselor, who has it all together except when it comes to choosing the right man. She’s had one disastrous marriage, and there is something off about the professor she is currently dating. Then when Debra finds one of his students trying to commit suicide, she starts questioning how well she really knows this professor.

Added to her confusion is Todd Prescott, a lawyer in her brother Fletcher's law firm. Todd has feelings for Debra, but she thinks he is overly protective of her, like her brother is, and she wants to prove she can take care of herself. But can she?

I liked this continued story line about the Lambert family and getting to know each one a little better. In book one, “Chance Encounter,” I was introduced to Fletcher, Lexi and her little boy Chance; and in book two there is a continuation of their story. Also there is some mystery, and some action, but mostly it is Debra and Todd working through their miscommunications and trying to understand if their feelings can be trusted.

I’m starting book 3 and can’t wait to learn more about another sibling in the Lambert family. One warning is that there is some sexual content in this Contemporary Fiction novel.

 by Theresa Ataskar
CHANCE ENCOUNTER - Loved this story!

I loved this story!!

Fletcher Lambert had lost his wife and baby daughter in a car accident. For over a year he has been grieving their loss. His partner in their law firm forces him to take a vacation and work through his grief and come back ready to get back to work.
He decides to take a couple months off and start his vacation fishing.

He meets Lexi in the small fishing town and his life would never be the same again. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens!!

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