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by Michelle Stagg
Destiny's Second Chance - My favorite of 2018

I really enjoyed this book. I loved Bella. She is a strong woman and she knows what shes doing. I would say that this is my favorite book of 2018 so far. I recommend it!

by Pamela Barrett
CHANCE ENCOUNTER - Healing and Trust

In book one of The Lamberts of Pacific Knoll; author Kate Vale introduces us to Fletcher Lambert who is grieving the death of his wife and child. For most of a year since their deaths he has hidden away in his law firm, and has even shied away from spending time with his family. He just can’t move on, so he decides to take time away from so many memories by going to a quiet beach town on the coast of Washington.Lexi McCord and her little son Chance are living a hidden life in the small beach town that Fletcher is going to for a rest. When Fletcher meets Chance his heart begins to open up again, and then when he meets Lexi and finds out she is hiding from an abusive ex, his heart is touched again and he wants to protect her: as a lawyer or maybe more. To become friends they both must learn to trust each other.I’ve read 3 books by Kate Vale and loved each one. Her writing keeps you wanting to read one more chapter and her characters are relatible. Great contemporary fiction that I can give 4+ stars with only a little warning for some adult situations. I hear there is more of this series on the way.

by Helen Karanos
Chance Encounter - A courageous little boy

Fabulous book , well written and all the characters were perfect , felt the sadness and the happiness in Lexi and Fletcher's story , and last but not least I couldn't get enough of Chance showing us all how courageous he is of supporting his mother and his love for her.

by Colleen Bergman
Chance Encounter - An excellent book

An excellent book. Kate brings her characters to life. And you can imagine the settings. On the beach. Family dinners. I hope to see more stories about the Lambert family!

by Jeanette Styles
Chance Encounter - True-to-life characters

So pleased to have had the opportunity to read an advance copy of Kate Vale's new series about the Lambert family. I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read more.The characters are so true to life that it could quite easily be anyone's family. Despite all the ups and downs, it was obvious that Lexi and Fletcher were going to be meant for each other.I rarely write what a story is about, but if you enjoy a good romance novel that involves a distraught Fletcher Lambert who had lost his wife and baby daughter, Lexi who fled with her son Chance from an abusive relationship, then this is a book that I would highly recommend. A great read for this time of year... summer. Am now eagerly awaiting the next in this series.

by Kristi Metcalf
Chance Encounter - A man's emotional storm...

A New series about the Lambert family. A family that has it all, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have issues of their own.

Lexi McCord is trying to raise her young son right and that means getting away from his abusive and theft of a father. They run while he is in prison after he was arrested for robbing a jewelry store. Their car breaks down outside of Sandy Reach, so that where she tries to change their life around. It’s taken two years, but life is finally looking up for them.
It’s been a year since the death of his wife and baby daughter and Fletcher Lambert is still not over it. He has a hard time being around his niece and nephew, almost has a panic attack when he is called to go to the ER for his little brother, and is losing clients at his office where he practices law.
His law partner has put his foot down and told him he needs to get away and finally deal with it and maybe get some closure so he decides to go to Sandy Reach for some winter fishing and so he doesn’t have to be around his family for the holidays he decides to go for a couple of months.
Fletcher meets a child alone of the beach the first day he is there. He can’t believe that a 5 year old would be allowed to be alone on the beach, let alone be allowed on the beach in the winter without the proper clothing, he learns shortly that he got away from his babysitter. It isn’t until he starts talking to the child that he realizes that he recognizes the child as the one that almost ran out in front of his car when he drove into town and that his mom his the waitress at the pub he just left. The woman that has him thinking thought that were nothing about his wife.
Lexi tries hard to stay way from Fletcher after he tries to pay for fixing her son’s coat he found on the beach after that faithful day, but she can’t. There is something in him that calls to her.
What happens next is a story of a man falling in love again, a woman learning that all men aren’t bad and it’s ok to have feeling for one, and a child that knows what he wants and how to protect his mom.
Vale does a wonderful job showing the emotional storm of a man dealing with the loss of his whole world. She also does a great job showing how hard it is to be a single parent and how hard it is to trust again after leaving a abusive relationship.
When two people learn to love again it’s wonderful and I can’t wait to see more of the Lambert family.

by Kathy Church
Chance Encounter - A love that will touch your heart

I received an early copy of this book from Kate Vale in return for an honest review. I really loved the book. It is about Lexi and her flee from an abusive spouse. Her precious son Chance and a wonderful man Fletcher. The story chronicles their meeting and the obstacles they faced before they realized they were perfect for each other. Add a little boy to the mix and you have a love that will touch your heart. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

by Jan Barger
Chance Encounter - A great summer read

hance Encounter by Kate Vale is the first book in what promises to be a series about the Lambert family of Pacific Knoll, Washington. Fletcher, the oldest Lambert son, is running – trying to bury his heartbreak over the death of his wife and baby. Lexi McCord, a single mother is also running – but away from an abusive boyfriend, the father of her small son, Chance. As chance would have it, they “run into” each other in a small fishing village in the Pacific Northwest...The author has a knack of drawing her characters true to life so you get the feeling you know them. Will Fletcher be able to come to grips with the tragedy in his life and begin to move on? Can Lexi permanently escape the abusive former boyfriend who is doing his best to find her? And what about her desire to eventually open her own bakery? Is school completely out of the picture given her finances?Settle back in your beach chair with a cold drink and this book in hand – a great summer read – romance at its best!

by Gay Yellen
A Pleasant Romance - SECRETS REVEALED

When you begin to care about a character from Page 1, you know the author has done something right. That's how I felt about Ian, the bright, sad and altogether appealing seven-year-old son of Owen Hastings. Owen and his motherless boy have just moved back to Owen's hometown. With his new high-profile job, Owen has little time for his still-grieving son. Faith, Ian's new teacher, takes an interest in the boy and he becomes very attached to her.Readers of romance can enjoy this story through the ups and downs of the relationships of the teacher, the father and young Ian, right to the end.

by Cassie Dean-Hess
Business owner and single parent - WHERE THIS GOES

I absolutely loved this book. I loved the way the author showed that Nicole was a strong business woman, and even after having a baby, she still resumed her duties at her job. . The way that Nicole accepted being a single parent and tried to be successful even when she felt like a failure. She was able to do both and be successful.I think that the connection that she and Peter felt was great. He was such a great guy from the beginning. He was so willing to help with nothing in return.Don't miss out on this awesome story of a strong business woman who becomes a mother and will hopefully find her happily ever after.A copy of this book was given to me, and I have left an honest review.

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