Where This Goes – Questions for Book Clubs and Reading Groups


  1. Nicole is the older daughter in the family. What about her position among the siblings requires that she take a lead in helping her elderly mother? Or should she? After all, she’s the one working a job that takes many hours of her time.
  1. When Nicole meets Peter Dalton, she’s attracted but also repelled. If you were in her shoes, what would you do when he asks her out for a business dinner?
  1. How would you characterize Richard Warren? What makes him Nicole’s competitor? Is he more than Nicole’s nemesis in business? If so, why, or why not?
  1. When Nicole realizes that she’s pregnant, is she right to keep that information to herself as it relates to her work colleagues? In particular, Allen? What about this pregnancy differs from the previous one, which occurred when Nicole was in college?
  1. Have you ever known someone with a history of alcoholism? Is her experience with AA similar or different from persons you have known with alcohol addiction?
  1. In what way(s) has Nicole’s experiences as a child with parents who drank set her up to do the same? How has Nicole’s decision to stop drinking distanced her from her mother?
  1. How would you characterize Nicole’s relationship with her younger sister, Sage? Sage’s husband? Their children?
  1. What about Peter’s relationship with his sister and brother-in-law? What hints does he give that he’s more than ready to settle down with a wife and a family of his own?
  1. Peter’s relationship with his boss, Isador Thornhill could be described as rocky. What would you have advised Peter to do when it’s clear he doesn’t approve of Mr. Thornhill’s comments regarding Nicole or his actions toward her?
  1. Were you in Nicole’s position, would you have told her baby’s father of the pregnancy? Why or why not?
  1. Should Nicole have insisted that her mother enter inpatient treatment for her alcoholism?
  1. What do you think of Charlie Slocum? Why do you suppose he and Nicole are so close? Was he justified in assaulting Mr. Thornhill after he disrespected Nicole? Should he have been arrested?
  1. What holds Nicole back from acting on her attraction to Peter, who seems like such a decent guy?
  1. Peter tells Nicole he’s changing jobs and will soon be working in Seattle. Should Nicole have encouraged him to continue to see her? Why or why not?
  1. What about Amber? In what way(s) is she creating additional stress for Nicole? Is Nicole’s reaction typical or atypical of new mothers, particularly those who entered motherhood unexpectedly?
  1. Does Peter have a right to protect Nicole from Darin when he suddenly shows up? What does this action tell you about Peter?
  1. Was Nicole right to invite Peter to dinner, where he meets her brother, Rudy?
  1. What would you predict for Nicole and Peter after they make love?