Secrets Revealed – Questions for Book Clubs and Study Groups

1. Owen harbors lots of guilt about what he didn’t do regarding his mother and his son. How does this re-flect in his first contact with Faith Russell, Ian’s new teacher?

2. What do you think of Lucy Russell and how she re-lates to her daughter, Faith? Have you ever known a mother-daughter pair like the two of them? And what about their past experiences has influenced how they interact now?

3. Faith has rules that govern her behavior with men. Was she right to create them? Why do you suppose she breaks a key rule by agreeing to go out with Owen?

4. What do you think of Faith’s word assignments for Ian?

5. What do you suppose is behind all the red markings that Ian makes on his pictures? If you were his teacher and saw them, what would you do?

6. What makes Gloria the perfect housekeeper for Owen and Ian?

7. How does Andreya’s family mirror what Faith wants for herself? Is she right to allow Faith to develop a relationship with Darcy?

8. Would you agree to place your bright child in an older grade class if she or he could handle the material? Why or why not would you do so?

9. Is Faith correct in her assertion that she needs to go out with Owen first before sharing Thanksgiving with him and Ian?

10. How would you describe the relationship between Ian and his grandfather, between Hamilton and Owen?

11. Was Chuck’s mother correct in sharing with Owen what she’s overheard from the children at the park?

12. What do you think of Owen when he confronts Lucy? Is he correct in concluding that Lucy fears Faith will leave her if she gets married?

13. What do you think of Owen’s insistence that they keep their relationship “not-serious?” How does this protect Owen and Faith?

14. How would you have reacted to Owen’s proposal, were you in Faith’s shoes?

15. Was Faith right in telling Owen about her father?

16. Was Andreya overstepping when she confronts Owen about what he didn’t say to Faith?

17. Who is the wiser of the two Haskins men? Owen or Ian? What examples can you provide to support your answer?

18. What do you think of Owen when he finally opens up to Faith about his past?