Only You – Questions for Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Questions for Book Clubs and Reading Groups

  1. How would you react if you came on someone who is badly bleeding? Who looks to be someone who tried to commit suicide?
  1. What about Sawyer’s behavior makes Debra suspicious that he may not be who she thinks he is?
  1. Todd works with Fletcher, Debra’s older brother. How might this be an impediment to him getting to know Debra, or her getting to know him?
  1. Would you, if asked, meet with the deans assessing your boyfriend’s qualifications for tenure? Why or why not?
  1. Why do you think Sawyer wants to marry Debra?
  1. What do you think of the way Fletcher and Lexi arrange to get married?
  1. Are you a sister? How would you describe the relationship between Eden, Debra and Elaine? How do they include Lexi?
  1. The three Lambert brothers have assumed responsibility for keeping their middle sister safe when they don’t think she is. How might they have done so without antagonizing her?
  1. What do you think of Zack? Was he right to confide in Fletcher about what he and Logan have seen?
  1. Why do you suppose Iona Lambert is so insistent on marrying Debra off?
  1. If you were in Debra’s place,
    1. How would you have reacted when Phillippa shared information about Sawyer?
    2. Would you have tried to talk to Margot?
  1. When in the story would you have preferred Todd to make his interest in Debra obvious?
  1. What do you think about Debra’s lack of interest in cooking for herself? Todd’s skill in the kitchen?
  1. In what way(s) was the marriage of Todd and Debra different from Eden’s and Hale’s wedding, Fletcher’s and Lexi’s?
  1. What do you think Iona Lambert would have thought of Debra’s decision to retain her original surname? Why might this decision be important to Debra?
  1. What would you like Todd and Debra to experience in a future story in this series?