NO DATES FOR ELAINE – Questions for Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Questions for Book Clubs and Reading Groups

  1. If you were accosted for your purse, what would you have done?
  2. If your home was burgled, how would you have reacted?
  3. What might you have advised Elaine after her fiancé dumped her about dating?
  4. Elaine seems competent in her job. Why do you suppose she seems less confident when dating?
  5. Cliff is immediately interested in Elaine, but his backstory makes him cautious. How does this relate to how he interacts with the little children in his schoolroom?
  6. Have you ever adopted/owned a dog? In what way(s) might you have predicted Bandit’s reaction to the men Elaine dates? What about Cliff causes Bandit to accept him so readily?
  7. How might you have responded to a man like Cliff who seems to reticent to show his attraction to you?
  8. Elaine is especially close to Chris, her twin, and to Deb, her older sister. How does their interaction with her illustrate that closeness?
  9. Cliff overhears the comments of the other firefighters and concludes they are talking about Elaine. Should he have warned her against going out with any of them?
  10. How would you describe Elaine’s relationship with her father, Nathan?
  11. Elaine considers herself a constant antagonist to her mother. Why does she feels this way?
  12. Consider Cliff’s backstory regarding Nadia. Were you his counselor, what might you have suggested to him to relieve him of the guilt he still feels?
  13. Should Cliff have confronted Iona directly before accompanying Elaine to a family Sunday dinner?
  14. Were you to predict it, what elements in Cliff’s background would make him an acceptable man to Nathan Lambert in Elaine’s life?