Granddad’s House – Questions for Book Clubs and Groups

  1. cvr-GranddadsHouse-MEDIn what way(s) is Olivia a typical realtor? How is she different from the realtors you know?
  2. Beau is not at all the kind of buyer Olivia wants for her grandfather’s house. To make matters worse, she’s attracted to him. Why is that?
  3. Granddad likes Beau. What do his comments about Olivia’s current boyfriend tell you about her grandfather?
  4. Why does Olivia choose to speak with George rather than Beau about the permit issues pertaining to Granddad’s house and what they want to do with it?
  5. What does Olivia’s review of the Reynolds’ house with Melanie, the new realtor, tell you about Olivia’s approach to business?
  6. What do you think of Ned at the bar? When he goes to Olivia’s open house?
  7. Why does Granddad encourage Beau to get to know Olivia?
  8. The problem at the Reynolds house spells trouble that spills over into a scene at her office when she is threatened with a gun. How well does Olivia handle things?
  9. Why does Olivia refuse to move in with Beau? What is she afraid of?
  10. Although the condo Granddad moves into is perfect for him, why does he seem to decline?
  11. Beau’s concern about his brother Paul, in Afghanistan, intrudes. What does his reaction to the news that Paul is missing, as well as his conversations with his brother-in-law and his sister, Katie, tell you about him?
  12. When Granddad is burned and ends up in the hospital, Olivia is guilt-ridden. Should she have been? What does this tell you about her?
  13. What about Olivia’s grandfather do you especially like? He tells Olivia he is ready to “go.” What does he mean and who do you know who has made similar pronouncements? How did such words make you feel?
  14. How does Granddad’s letter to Olivia “seal the deal” with Beau?
  15. Beau is stabbed at Olivia’s open house. What does this event reveal about realtor safety?
  16. Sally arrives at Olivia’s house to meet Ted and Katie, and Paul, who is recovering from his wounds. What does her reaction to Paul tell you about her?
  17. How does Sally’s “limp” during the wedding rehearsal affect Paul?

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