Concealed Attractions – Questions for Book Clubs and Groups

  1. ConcealedAttractions_MEDDate rape is a serious problem, particularly among high school and college students. Dannilynn can’t remember exactly what happened on the camping trip, but what do you already know about her first real boyfriend, whom she meets her Freshman year in college?
  2. Ben is doing an externship at Joel Taylor’s veterinary clinic and is concentrating on learning everything he can. When he meets Danni, he befriends her. What about his relationship with his own sisters and his brothers informs his interest in wanting to get to know the girl?
  3. How does Monica, Danni’s best friend, help her to find out if she’s pregnant? Can you imagine what Monica would have done in the same situation? What is that?
  4. Danni is naïve, but she’s also deeply fearful of her father’s reaction when she realizes she may be pregnant. How realistic is she in thinking she can hide her condition until after she is back at college?
  5. Danni is enrolled at a private college. The college rules state that a pregnant coed may not stay in the dorm. What is the likelihood that coeds may be pregnant while going to college?
  6. Danni comes to lean on Ben more and more. How is this illustrated when he helps her move into her apartment and then is confronted by Steve?
  7. When Danni’s father discovers she’s pregnant, after also learning she’s now living in an off-campus apartment, he disowns her. Have you known anyone for whom one or both parents have taken similar action? What did this mean for the person disowned?
  8. What prompts Ben to go after the man who has a fight with a young woman at the service station?
  9. When Danni can’t go home, but decides to find a place to stay in New Harbor before her baby is born, how does Ben help her? What about Danni’s mother?
  10. What can you discern about the relationship between Danni’s mother and her husband? What about that date in November that sends her mother to the dock?
  11. Ben is present when Danni goes into labor and ends up having the baby at home. Does he have a right to think of the baby as his? If so, why? Why not?
  12. When tragedy strikes, Danni is bereft, as is Ben, but each reacts differently. Why is that? And why don’t they confide in each other?
  13. What about Ben’s behavior suggests that he is still grieving? And how might his various experiences at the vet clinic contribute to his becoming clinically depressed?
  14. The suicide rate among veterinarians is higher than average for most professionals. What do you suppose accounts for this statistic? Why is Joel so worried about Ben in this regard?
  15. How does Danni help Ben to grieve? When each reaches out to the other, they are able to put the baby’s things away. In what way does this help each of them heal their loss?
  16. What about Anna’s ultimatum to her husband forces him to forgive her, his late sister and Danni, and more importantly, himself, for his actions toward women?
  17. In what way(s) is Joel and Angela’s growing relationship a counterpoint to Ben and Danni’s?
  18. What do you think the future holds for Ben and Danni?

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