What is it about flowers?

There is something about my garden that soothes my soul, particularly on days when nothing seems to have gone well… characters in my latest book draft are sailing off course, insisting on engaging in behavior I never expected; my cats insist on attention when I’d rather they leave me alone; the laundry is piling up and I’d rather not deal with it; the car needs gas and I forgot to fill the tank before hitting the road and where IS the next turn-off; I can’t get my check book to balance and a big bill has just arrived.  In short,  I’m having a bad day.

But when I go outside for a breath of fresh air, those blooms I planted in the spring and faithfully watered and talked to are now nodding in the breeze, happy just to be alive and thriving, an example of the simple life–being fed water on a regular basis, enjoying the sun on their faces, waving their leaves in the breeze well into the evening.

I need to take a page from their playbook and just chill for a moment.