CHANCE ENCOUNTER – Book Club Questions

Questions for Book Clubs and Reading Groups

  1. What about Lexi’s life in San Diego makes her a victim? What would you do in a similar situation if you were protecting a small child?
  2. What about Fletcher’s last year makes his angst understandable? What is it about men that they seem unable to accept the death of a loved one without feeling guilty?
  3. What about his interaction with Eden’s children (his niece and nephew) makes it difficult for him to “move on?”
  4. When Fletcher goes to Sandy Reach, he continues to wear his wraparounds. What about their presence makes it easier for him to engage with other people?
  5. Chance challenges him by calling Fletcher a “bad man.” How does begin to break down the barriers Fletcher has erected between himself and others?
  6. What about Lexi’s relationship with Daisy and Omar is good for her?
  7. How understandable is Lexi’s reticence to involve the police when she fears that Hugh may be in town?
  8. Have you ever met someone who desperately wanted a post-high school education? How did they go about reaching that goal? In what ways are Lexi’s fears that she might fail understandable?
  9. As Lexi and Fletcher get to know each other, what is Chance’s role?
  10. Why do you suppose Fletcher is clueless about how Lexi reacts when he takes her to a fancy restaurant?
  11. What explains Fletcher’s mother reaction when she realizes that her son has a relationship with Lexi?
  12. When Hugh shows up, how do his actions square with his previous expectations of Lexi?
  13. What is the significance to Lexi of her grandmother’s brooch? Its loss?
  14. After he brings Lexi to his family’s Sunday dinner and Mrs. Lambert is less than kind, Fletcher confronts her. Was that wise? Should it have occurred earlier or not at all? Why or why not?
  15. Should Lexi have confronted Iona Lambert as she does?
  16. What is significance of Fletcher inviting Lexi to the cemetery?
  17. Would you like Lexi and Fletcher to experience in a future story in this series?